The best products for packing school or work lunches

I am in love with Ziploc divided containers found here:

They seal each compartment so nothing leaks. This is what I pack her and my lunch in every day.


I try to base lunches on this idea:

1 protein

1 grain

2 veggies or 1 veggie and 1 fruit

1 dairy

and sometimes, a treat- usually a mini piece of candy.


I pack lunchs in a 31 bag personalized with our names. I’ve had them for a few years and they are just starting to wear out- I’ll have to replace Isabella’s before kindergarten. Mine is in better shape, probably because I am not in preschool. I think the quality is good- most Walmart lunch boxes don’t last that long, and this one has her name embroidered on it. The Ziploc container fits well with a drink in the bag. They can be found here:

new thermal totes 2010

Another product I love are silicone baking cups. They divide the large compartment of the Ziploc container well and are so cute! Hobby Lobby has a good selection, as does Amazon. I put things like crackers or veggies in them.


The last lunch product I can’t live without are disposable ramekins. You know when you go out to eat and need some salad dressing to go? Those containers are the best! I bought a ton of them on Amazon really cheap. They are great for salad dressing and dips to prevent your food from getting soggy, or granola for yogurt, etc. They are the best! These are the exact ones I bought (ignore that they say they are for Jello shots!)



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